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Baltimore Teens Journey To Israel For Educational Experiences

This July has marked the journey of a lifetime for several groups of Baltimore teenagers, who traveled to Israel with different community organizations. The Baltimore cohort of Diller Teen Fellows, a 4Front program, and participants from Baltimore Zionist District who participated in the Gadna military program had very different experiences, but both involved developing leadership skills and cultivating a love of Israel.

Baltimore To Celebrate Israel’s 75th Anniversary In Style

April 26 marks Yom Ha’atzmaut, more commonly known as Israel Independence Day. The holiday honors the founding of Israel in 1948, when David Ben-Gurion declared its independence as a Jewish state.

Israel Is Not An Apartheid State | READER COMMENTARY

In his recent letter to the editor, Charles Cooper falsely labels Israel as an apartheid state (”Israel remains an apartheid state,” June 7). The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a complicated issue with diverse interpretations and narratives. Pro-Palestinian groups claim Israel as an apartheid state, repressing and killing Palestinians in the disputed territories. It is vital to examine the situation critically, consider the broader context and challenge the apartheid characterization.

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