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Navigating the Geopolitical Crossroads: Insights from the Middle East

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Join the BZD for an insightful exploration of the current geopolitical landscape in the Middle East with renowned political analyst and author Dalia Ziada.

In this engaging virtual event, Dalia will share her expertise on governance, defense policy, and the region’s intricate dynamics. From Egypt’s role in the Gaza conflict to the future of Egypt-Israel relations amidst presidential elections and economic challenges, Dalia will provide a nuanced perspective on the Middle East’s critical issues. Delve into discussions on Arab leadership’s stance towards Israel, the complexities of radical Islamism, and the evolving power dynamics reshaping the region. Gain unique insights into the reaction of the Arab street, the influence of Iran, and the implications of the Israel-Hamas war on regional stability.

Additionally, Dalia will share her compelling story as an example of the dominance of radicalism and Arabism on the Egyptian and Arab streets.

This is not just a chance to gain insider knowledge, but also an opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions on the future of the Middle East. Your voice matters!

Time Zone: America/New_York

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