The Jews of Florida: Centuries of Stories

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Join the BZD and our guide, Marcia Jo Zerivitz, to explore the Sunshine State’s rich tapestry in “Jews of Florida: Centuries of Stories.” This virtual journey, inspired by a comprehensive 434-page hardcover book, unravels the remarkable history of Jewish presence in Florida from colonial times to the present.
Dive into a narrative that defies time, where Jewish immigrants, despite official restrictions until 1763, played pivotal roles in Florida’s early development. Picture this: pioneers tilling the land, shaping communities, and contributing to every facet of Florida’s growth. They’re not just witnesses to history; they’re architects, boosting tourism and propelling mankind into space.
Our journey begins 260 years ago, possibly reaching back to the 16th century, as we meet early settlers whose stories echo through time. Explore how Jewish Floridians, predating the establishment of the state, played crucial roles in supporting Israel’s War of Independence and contributing to its economic development.
But that’s just the beginning. Fast forward to contemporary Florida, where globally recognized names emerge from the local Jewish community. These aren’t just stories; they’re living legacies, part of a narrative that spans centuries and continents.
As we navigate this visual feast, you’ll witness compelling and entertaining stories, each adding a layer to the mosaic of Florida’s diverse history. Imagine walking in the footsteps of those who shaped the state’s destiny, from the earliest settlers to the modern trailblazers making waves on the global stage.
Join us on this virtual expedition through the centuries, where each story is a thread weaving through the fabric of Florida’s history. “Jews of Florida: Centuries of Stories” promises an informative presentation and a mesmerizing journey through time, uncovering the enduring impact of the Jewish community on the Sunshine State. Take your chance to be part of this immersive experience!
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